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2-3nt Csillagtúra Guesthouse, Eger

131 €
ID: 038020601-2

2nt or 3nt Eger Stay, Continental Breakfast for 2, Thermal Spa Tickets - The Castle of Eger, Historical Monuments, Amazing Buildings, Tasty Wines & Delicacies

2nt: 131 €
3nt: 184 €


Full details

Highlights, Fine Print, Surcharges & How to book & Location


  • 2 or 3 night stay for two at the Csillagtúra Guesthouse
  • Plentiful and tasty continental breakfast (in the guesthouse) every morning of your stay
  • Stay in a friendly, comfortable, ensuite double or twin room with TV and Wi-Fi (extra beds can be added)
  • Deal Bonus:
    • 1 optional basic ticket per person to the baths of Eger and the region:
      • Demjén Thermal Valley Bath (Demjéni Termál Völgy Fürdő) OR
      • Egerszalók Saliris Nostalgia Spa (Egerszalóki Nosztalgia Fürdő) OR
      • Eger Thermal Spa (Egri Termálfürdő) OR
      • Eger Turkish Spa (Egri Törökfürdő
  • Playing corner, baby friendly services, chess, cards, board games, outdoor cauldron cooking opportunity (free of charge)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free open-air parking lot (not guarded)
  • Check in: from 14:00; Check out: until 10:00
  • Situated in Eger, only 15-20 minutes of walk from the historic city center


  • One per two people. 
  • May buy multiples as gifts.
  • Your stay can be extended if you purchase 2 or more Huntels Deals.
  • Combine the 2 and 3 night options as you wish!
  • Must book by 30th Nov 2018.
  • Valid for stays to 20th Dec 2018.
  • No cancellations once booked.
  • Subject to availability; please book early to secure your preferred dates.

 (Have to pay on the spot)

  • Reservation for weekend (Friday and/or Saturday nights): 5 000 HUF (one-time fee)
  • High season except arriving on Sunday (16th Jun – 31st Aug 2018.): 5 000 HUF/room/night
  • Special season (19th - 23rd Oct., 1st - 4th Nov 2018.): 5 000 HUF/room/night
  • City tax: 450 HUF/person/night (over 18 years old)
  • Child prices (only with breakfast):
    • 0-14 years old: 3 250 HUF/child/night
    • over 14 years old or adult: 4 000 HUF/person/night
  • You can rent a bike at the reception desk: 1 500 HUF/bike/day
  • Airport transfer: 30 000 HUF/one way (max 6 person)
  • Supplements are not calculated automatically in the total costs and will have to be paid for separately during your stay


Email: reservation@huntels.com 

(Monday - Friday 10:00 - 18:00; in English or Hungarian language)

Click here for more information about how to book!


Csillagtúra Guesthouse

8 Galagonyás Street



Description of accommodation and its surroundings

Csillagtúra Guesthouse, Eger

The Csillagtúra Guesthouse (Csillagtúra Panzió) is in the “capital” of the famous Eger wine region, Eger, in a calm, quiet environment, only 15-20 minutes of walk from the historic city center.  
The friendly, comfortable double or twin rooms have bathrooms, TV and Wi-Fi.
The splendid guesthouse has playing corner, baby friendly services (e.g. crib, playpen, highchair, baby tub), playful pastime opportunities (chess, cards, board games) and outdoor cauldron cooking opportunity for you. If you would like to explore the beauty the city offers on two wheels, you can rent a bicycle at the reception desk (against fee) and you can ride between the baroque and classicist houses towards the breathtaking Castle of Eger, the famous buildings, museums, churches, excellent restaurants, cafés, shops, boutiques.
Besides the 2 or 3 nights of accommodation this Huntels Deal now has culinary and wellness experiences for you: continental breakfasts (in the guesthouse), and 1 optional ticket per person to the baths of Eger and the region. 
The plentiful and tasty breakfasts, and the local gastronomic specialties indulge your taste buds, besides sating your hunger, and the world famous Eger wines also good for other than simply slaking thirst. 
Besides the architectural masterpieces of the historic city center, the award winning wines and flawless meals of the region, the importance of thermal waters also cannot be overlooked. 

The thermal waters with unique composition help relaxation, regeneration, recreation, and faster healing in the case of diseases. This Huntels Deal offers a pleasant choice in this case: your deal contains basic tickets to the Demjén Thermal Valley Bath (Demjéni Termál Völgy Fürdő) or the Egerszalók Saliris Nostalgia Spa (Egerszalóki Nosztalgia Fürdő), while you can splash in the Eger Thermal Spa (Egri Termálfürdő), and in the Eger Turkish Spa (Egri Törökfürdő) (the Thermal Spa and the Turkish Spa are presented in more detail later).
There are 5 outdoor pools and swimming pools of different temperature in the Thermal Valley Bath, while in the thermal bath building there are 2 thermal water pools, children’s pool, steam cubicle, Finnish sauna with scooping pool, Kneipp pool and salt chamber.
The bath is open every day of the year until 2 AM, so you can have some romantic moments under the starry sky.  
The Saliris Nostalgia Spa evokes the romantic circumstances of the 70s, 80s. Its three outdoor pools (36-37oC; 37-38oC; 38-39oC) are also available every day, until 23:00 from Sunday to Thursday and until 01:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.
The offer of the Csillagtúra Guesthouse is a perfect choice if you like to sleep a lot in feather soft beds, walk on streets rich in spectacles, and indulge your desire for tasty wines and delicacies, swim in velvety water after a hot sauna session. And Eger and the surrounding region only enhance the experience!


Eger is one of the most dynamically developing cultural centers in Hungary and also a world famous wine region. The main places of interest in the city are the István Dobó statue (Dobó István szobor) in the Dobó square (Dobó tér), the Castle of Eger (Egri Vár), the Minorite Church (Minorita Templom), the Minaret, the Basilica of Eger (Egri Bazilika/Főszékesegyház), the City under the city  – the old cellar system of the archbishop (Város a város alatt - egykori érseki pincerendszer), and the Archbishop’s Palace (Érseki Palota). The Thermal Spa (Termálfürdő) and the Turkish Spa (Török Fürdő) can be accessed on foot easily, the Szépasszonyvölgy is advised to be approached by car or with local transportation.  
A long line of restaurants, pizzerias, cafés, pubs offering Hungarian and international meals, local specialties in Eger offer exceptional culinary pleasures. If you get hungry during sightseeing, or if you would like to have some heavenly food or could use a refreshing drink after swimming in the thermal bath, you will surely find a place you will like.
And if you wish to go shopping, besides the boutiques of the city center several shops, catering units, movie theatres can be found in the unique building and garden complex of Agria Park Plaza. 
Tired limbs can be stretched with playing tennis, squash, gym training, swimming, but you can also play paintball, table tennis, bowling, pool billiard, or even hunt. 
Furthermore, all year round fairs, events, festivals receive visitors so that Eger can be a perfect destination in every season, from every perspective.  

The Castle of Eger

The Castle of Eger (Egri Vár) has a rich historic past, the most famous event in its history was the siege of 1552, when, under the command István Dobó, the defenders repelled the armies of the Ottoman Empire which had overwhelming superiority. There are several spectacles in the castle, not to mention the panorama without equal, but you can visit museums, permanent and temporary exhibitions, or participate in a guided tour or in several events. Examples of exhibitions: History of the Castle of Eger (Az Egri Vár története), Prison (Börtön), Dungeon (Kazamata), Hall of Heroes (Hősök terme), Garden of Ruins (Romkert), Panopticon (Panoptikum), 3D movie theatre (3D mozi).

Dobó square, Dobó István statue, Minorite Church, Minaret, Basilica, the archbishop’s cellar system, Archbishop’s Palace

The Dobó square (Dobó tér) is the main square of the historic city center of the city. This is where you can find the statue of the already mentioned famous Hungarian commander, István Dobó (Dobó István szobor) for example, and the Minorite Church (Minorita Templom), one of the most beautiful baroque churches of Europe. The 40 m high Minaret, the largest minaret in the country remaining after the Turkish occupation. A long line of spiral stairs go up to the balcony from where a wonderful panorama of the city can be seen. The Basilica (Egri Bazilika/Főszékesegyház) is one of the largest and most beautiful religious buildings in Hungary. The entrance to the 3 km long cellar system of the archbishop named City under the city (Város a város alatt - egykori érseki pincerendszer) can be found in front of the classicist style cathedral. The cellar system, which was selected to be among the 7 wonders of Hungary, can be visited with a guided tour all year round. And in the Archbishop’s Palace (Érseki Palota), which is beautiful on the inside and on the outside alike, you can discover the collection, treasures of the archdiocese in permanent and temporary exhibitions. 
The Kopcsik Marzipan-land and Bell-casting House (Kopcsik Marcipánia és Harangöntő Ház) is worth visiting, where you can see the masterworks of Lajos Kopcsik Guinness record holder and Oscar-winning master chef  made from marzipan and in the other part of the museum you can get closer to the trade of bell casting.

Thermal Spa,Turkish Spa and Bitskey Swimming Pool

In the Thermal Spa (Termálfürdő), open all year round, you can find 7 indoor and outdoor pools (baby pools with a water castle, spas, thermal pools, slides, swimming pools) in a beautiful environment, with sports venues and direct access to the Turkish Bath. 

The Turkish Spa (Török Fürdő) offers 6 indoor pools, high quality wellness and medical services, aroma cabin, infra cabin, steam bath and sauna for those wishing to rely, rest, recreate. In the Turkish bath, besides the thermal water containing radon burst forth under the stones covering the bottom of the pools in three places, under the Turkish pool, the “Mirror pool”, and the Bubbling bath pool (it received its name from the unending bubbling of bubbles going upward). The other three pools are expanded with amusement elements up to date with this modern age. The medical effect of the water is due to the radon solved in it; it has anti-inflammatory effect and it increases the endorphin production of the body so it has a beneficial effect on wellbeing. The ionizing rays help the regenerative processes of the body. Besides the usual refreshing, relaxing and medical massages the massage selection offers traditional Turkish hamam massages, which are extremely popular among visitors.  Deservedly so, since through hamam guests can gain insight into Turkish culture, and can gain experience about the traditional Turkish purification procedure. Additionally, hamam helps cleaning, beautifying the skin and the massage nicely relaxes muscles
More on the medical treatments:

In the Bitskey Swimming Pool (Bitskey Uszoda) a 1000 square meter large swimming pool, training pool, Jacuzzi serves water sports enthusiasts, complete with a gym, cosmetics unit, children’s playground and café.

see more:


Eger, the center of the Eger wine region is among the most significant Hungarian wine making towns. The Egri Bikavér/Eger Bull’s Blood or the Egri Leányka/Eger Maiden is known and acknowledged worldwide.
In the cellars of Szépasszonyvölgy at the borders of the city (almost 200 cellars) delicious wines and wine tastings, and in its restaurants tasty Hungarian and international courses, gastronomical specialties, live music and nice atmosphere awaits the visitors. You can drink the wine right there, or buy some wine from the bottled, quality beverages of the famous wineries for yourselves or as a gift.   In the valley it is possible to cook in cauldron, fry bacon, buy keepsakes at the fair, have long walks, go hiking, and enjoy the fresh air and the closeness of nature.  From early spring to late autumn events, festivals, theatre performances expand the selection of programs in the valley. In the cold cellars you can hide from the hot rays of the sun, and if the weather is nice, you can sunbathe at the terraces while soft breeze is blowing. Delicious meals and nice atmosphere is ensured in the winter too, since the inns are open all year round, besides the wine cellars.

The region around Eger

You simply cannot get bored in the region around Eger, several locations offer colorful and diverse programs (Egerszalók, Demjén, Bogács, the Bükk National Park, the Bükk mountains, Bánkút, Szilvásvárad, the Mátra mountains, Kékestető, Sirok, Mátraderecske, Bükkszék, Lake Tisza), but the nearby baths and adventure parks are also great in the field of entertainment. 

, is only 8 km from Eger. The town is deservedly famous for its bath complex (Saliris Spa & Thermal Bath), thermal water and limestone hill/„salt hill”and wells. Besides the unique view of nature 21 pool and sauna world take care of the perfect experience. Nostalgia enthusiasts can try the outdoor pools (Saliris Nostalgia Spa) close to nature, built on springs even at night; these are also open in the winter for everyone who would like to swim in the steaming hot water while the ground is covered in snow. The thermal water in Egerszalók is mineral water with calcium-magnesium-hydrogen carbonate, with a significant Sulphur content. Calcium has anti-inflammatory effect, and Sulphur is an important component of joint cartilages. It is exceptionally good for degenerative musculoskeletal diseases (osteoarthritis, back and lower back pain), non-acute phase of inflammatory musculoskeletal diseases, rehabilitation after orthopedic and spine surgeries, treating gynecological inflammatory diseases, psoriasis and eczema.

And if you wish to visit a really special bath, then choose Cascade Cave Bath and Spa (Cascade Barlang- és Élményfürdő) in the settlement of Demjén, near Egerszalók, a complex of pools, giant slides and saunas, with 68 C degrees thermal water, established in a constructed cave, enhanced with light play, an underground water world full of experiences. Bogács, a settlement also famous for its bath and wine cellars is also nearby.
However, those who wish to be close to nature can also be satisfied.

The flora and fauna, depths and heights of the Bükk National Park (Bükki Nemzeti Park) are exceptional considering sight and experience alike. Eger is in the lucky position to be situated between the feet of the Bükk and the Mátra mountains. You can have long walks, have trips in the mountains with their fresh air, be amazed by the special wildlife. And in the winter you can sleigh, ski on the snowy slopes, visit the cozy restaurants on the way for a hot tea, cocoa or mulled wine.

In the Bükk mountains Répáshuta and Bánkút are popular holiday destinations with crystal clean air, chirping birds, amazing flora and fauna. Bánkút is a popular ski resort, the second highest point of the mountains. Eight ski courses of different difficulty levels were established  on the steep slopes, but you can also snowboard and sleigh on separate courses.

On the other side of the Bükk National Park Szilvásvárad also offers several spectacles.  You can get here through the Bükk mountains the easiest, with an unforgettable forest journey. Szilvásvárad is in the Szalajka valley (Szalajka-völgy), one of the most beautiful hiking destinations in the country. You can explore it with forest train, bicycle, on foot or on horseback. Veil waterfalls, trout lakes, bobsled, adventure park, sleighing course in the winter, large grassy clearings, rock springs, museums make the trip really great. You can walk up to the Cave of Istállós-kő (Istállós-kői barlang) if you wish to know how our ancestors lived 30 000 years ago. 

The Mátra is a member of the Northern Medium Mountains (Északi-középhegység) with a volcanic origin, the two highest peaks of the country can be found here: the Kékes (1014 m) and the Galya-tető (965 m). Kékestető is really popular in the winter due to its steep Northern and more gentle Western ski slopes and cross-country ski courses. There is a TV tower on the top, that also serves as an overlook. It is a characteristic of the mountain that the vapor pressure is low, humidity content is high, the number of sunny hours is exceptional and the air lacks dust and pollens. The geographical history of the Mátra and its climate created a unique wine region, it is a good idea to visit a couple wineries and taste delicious wines.

In the Eastern part of the mountains a lone volcanic peak rises to the skies, the 296 m high Várhegy, carrying the walls of the castle of Sirok (Siroki Vár). Exciting programs, events are organized all year round int he castle.

A special carbon dioxide thermal gas bath, the Mofetta (Mofetta Széndioxid Gyógygázfürdő) can be found in Mátraderecske. Mofetta, acknowledged and popular in all of Europe has great results in helping people with cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, complications of diabetes, ulcer and specific rheumatologic diseases. The management and staff of the institution do everything they can so that this unmatched treasure, carbon dioxide flowing upwards naturally, can be used by those wishing to be cured in a safe, aesthetic and ambient environment.   

The thermal bath of Bükkszék has a unique atmosphere and the world famous beneficial effects of the salvus spa water (salvus gyógyvíz) to offer to You. The salvus is thermal water with exceptionally high total solute content, in which the solved halogenic elements have beneficial effects for healthy people as well.  It is exceptionally good for treating for example musculoskeletal diseases (like rheumy),  rehabilitation after injuries (broken bones, ligament ruptures), gynecological problems (barrenness, pelvic inflammation), dermatological problems, metabolism problems, diseases of the digestive and the respiratory system, respiratory diseases, stomach ulcer, asthma, coughing, diabetes.

Lake Tisza
(Tisza-tó) is the largest artificial lake of Hungary. Its area is 127 km², on which open water, islands, backwaters and shallow channels follow each other like a mosaic. Its length is 27 km with an average depth of 1,3 meters, 43 km² of islands dot its surface. Its wildlife is exceptionally rich and varied; you can explore it on foot, by bike, on horseback or by boat. The swarming of mayflies (tiszavirágzás) is a spectacular and unique phenomenon of Lake Tisza and the river Tisza.  The mass swarming of mayflies, colorful insects in the order of mayflies these days can only be witnessed in the Tisza and its tributaries from all of Europe.

From among the settlements on the shores of the lake Poroszló, Tiszafüred and Abádszalók are the most popular, with water and outdoor sports opportunities, open beaches, fishing places, restaurants, pizzerias, cafés, buffets, events and a bustling nightlife (discos, entertainment venues) for the visitors in every season.
In Poroszló you can watch 200 species of birds, 33 species of dragonflies, swamp water plants, and 51 species of fish in the 7000 hectares large Lake Tisza Bird Reserve (Madárrezervátum), in the course of kayak-canoe tours as well. The Lake Tisza Ecocentre (Tisza-tavi Ökocentrum) presents the natural treasures, rich wildlife of Lake Tisza and the Tisza valley in an entertaining manner, with a modern, interactive view, playfully. In the multi-level central building of the visitor center with an area of 2600 m2, resembling a rising bird, there are permanent and temporary exhibitions, three dimension movie, playing room and overlook tower. Among other things the largest freshwater aquarium system of Europe is here. 
In Tiszafüred, besides the open beach, you can swim in the Thermal Beach and Spa (Termál Strand- és Gyógyfürdő), which has beach pool, indoor thermal pool, swimming pool, outdoor thermal pool, and sauna.  The thermal water with alkaline Hydrogen-carbonate which, due to its composition, is suitable for treating chronic musculoskeletal, rheumatologic, diseases involving cartilage damage, neurological diseases involving muscle paralysis and atrophy, even chronic gynecological diseases. In the Albatross Port (Albatrosz Kikötő) you can rent kayaks, canoes, rowboats, motorboats, participate in water tours, or cook outside. Adventure Island (Kalandsziget), to be mentioned later, is also in the town. 
In Abádszalók, in the Doll Museum and Village House (Babamúzeum és Faluház) you can see 215 types of clothing from the Carpathian basin on 375 dolls, 266 types of clothing from 64 countries of the world, and the equipment and tools of peasants.  Tour boats, party boats, sailboats, motorsport boats depart from the Abád Port (Abád Kikötő), also enthusiasts of flyboard and those wishing to participate in eco-tours are also welcome here.
At the shores of Lake Tisza it is worth visiting the Dream Beach Adventure Park in Tiszanána, and the open beach in Kisköre. You can find a 52 course adventure park, slide courses, furnished yurts, archery, pleasure boats and motorboats in the selection of Dream Beach Adventure Park (Dream Beach Élménypark). The Kisköre Beach (Kisköre Strand) is one of the most developed beaches of the lake, where, besides swimming and doing water sports, you can try water banana and donut, wakeboard, kneeboard, or can even slide. 

In the winter you can marvel at the beauty of the snow-covered landscape, take an ice tour, go ice sailing, ice fishing and skate on the surface of the frozen lake, then warm yourselves up with the famous pálinkas of the region.

The bath selection of the vicinity of Eger does not stop at the complexes of the Saliris Spa & Thermal Bath (Egerszalóki Gyógy- és Wellnessfürdő) and Nostalga Spa (Nosztalgia Strand) in Egerszalók, Cascade Cave Bath (Cascade Barlangfürdő) and Thermal Valley Bath (Termál Völgy Fürdő) in Demjén, the Thermal Bath (Bogácsi Termálfürdő) in Bogács, the Thermal and Family Spa Center (Bükkszéki Gyógy- és Strandfürdő) in Bükkszék and the Thermal Beach and Spa (Termál Strand- és Gyógyfürdő) in Tiszafüred; the Zsóry Thermal Bath and Spa (Zsóry Gógy- és Strandfürdő) in Mezőkövesd, the Thermalbath Complex (Tiszaújvárosi Gyógy- és Strandfürdő) in Tiszaújváros, the Cave Bath (Miskolctapolca Barlangfürdő) in Miskolctapolca and the Selyemrét Bath (Selyemréti Strandfürdő)  in Miskolc wait for you all year round!  All the baths have thermal water with excellent composition, countless indoor and outdoor pools, sauna world, massage, wellness and medical treatments!

In the towns of Mátra-Sástó, Szarvaskő, Harsány, Tiszafüred, Miskolctapolca, Lillafüred and Szilvásvárad you can have games, adventure, challenge, excitement and carefree entertainment.
In Mátra-Sástó you can test your skills in the Oxygen Adrenalin Park in an area of 16 hectares, where summer and winter bobsled course, quad, suspension bridge, canopy, 360° turning swing, giant swing, ropeways, climbing wall, eurobungy, inflatable castle, trampoline, playground, playhouse, paintball, forest labyrinth, archery, water obstacle courses, electric jet-ski, restaurant, buffet, cooking place and bacon frying sites await all generations. 
In Szarvaskő the adventure park is in Eco-Park (Öko-Park). The adventure park consists of 10 adventure courses 7 meters high in the canopy level of the trees, with a 50 m slide at the end, 5 rock climbing opportunities with different difficulty levels created on natural rocks, and a 12 m high climbing wall containing an element with negative angle. One of the adjoining routes of the National Blue Tour (Országos Kék Túra) starts 20 m from the entrance of the Eco-Park, starting on which you can explore the varied wildlife of the Bükk National Park (Bükki Nemzeti Park), on easy terrain.
In Harsány you can also face your fears on ropeways in the Holiday and Adventure Park (Szabadidő- és Kalandpark) but you can row boats, ride horses, horse carriages or can even fish.
In Tiszafüred the Kalandsziget Adventure Park/ Adventure Island (Kalandsziget) is in the middle of Lake Tisza, with ropeways, climbing wall, giant slides, archery, trampoline, minigolf, slackline, numbers game and playground in its selection of programs. 
In the Kalandtúra Adventure Park (Kalandtúrapark) in Miskolctapolca you can try 25 ropeways, the summer-winter bobsled course near the boating lake, and in the Avalon Park, try the electric karting course, teqball course, play park with a skating rink in the winter in a fairy tale-like environment. to complete active entertainment opportunities.
In Lillafüred, in the Sports and Adventure Park (Sport- és Kalandpark) sports enthusiasts can try futsal arena, segway, ropeway, zipline, lasertag arena, panic room, dropping machine, roller-skating rink, streetball field, playground, and you can also rent bicycles.  
In Szilvásvárad, in the Adventure Park (Kalandpark) you can try ropeways of different difficulty level (even for children), slide courses, laser tag course, mountain scooter and trampolines, and in the town you can ride horses, bobsled and sleigh in the winter. 

Most of the adventure parks operate with individual business hours, seasonally. If you like them, check out dates on the website!

Start the adventure, the historic city awaits you with its excellent thermal water, delicious beverages, diverse programs and awesome surroundings, so you can have unforgettable experiences!

(Saliris Spa & Thermal Bath, Saliris Nostalgia Spa, „salt hill”and wells): 8 km
Szarvaskő (Eco-Park): 12 km
Demjén (Cascade Cave Bath, Thermal Valley Bath): 12 km
Bogács (Thermal Bath, wine cellars): 17 km
Sirok (Castle of Sirok): 20 km
Bükkszék (Thermal and Family Spa Center, Salvus spa water): 23 km
Mezőkövesd (Zsóry Thermal Bath and Spa): 24 km
Szilvásvárad (veil waterfalls, adventure park, Cave of Istállós-kő): 28 km
Mátraderecske (Mofetta - special carbon dioxide thermal gas bath): 30 km
Bükk National Park /Répáshuta settlement/: 35 km
Tiszanána (Dream Beach Adventure Park): 45 km
Harsány (Holiday and Adventure Park): 45 km
Lake Tisza /Poroszló - Lake Tisza Bird Reserve, Lake Tisza Ecocentre/: 46 km
Lillafüred (Lillafüred Sports and Adventure Park, Lake Hámori, forest narrow gauge train): 47 km
Mátra-Sástó (Oxygen Adrenalin Park): 50 km
Kékestető (ski resort): 51 km
Lake Tisza /Tiszafüred - Kalandsziget Adventure Park, Thermal Beach and Spa, Albatross Port/: 52 km
Kisköre (Kisköre Beach): 54 km
Bánkút (ski resort, holiday destination): 54 km
Miskolctapolca (Cave Bath, Kalandtúra Adventure Park, summer and winter bobsled course, Avalon Park): 65 km
Lake Tisza /Abádszalók - Doll Museum and Village House, Abád Port/: 72 km
Tiszaújváros (Thermalbath Complex): 85 km
Miskolc (Castle of Diósgyőr, Selyemrét Bath): 96 km
BUDAPEST: 125 km
Debrecen /Debrecen Airport/: 137 km
BUDAPEST /Liszt Ferenc Airport/: 143 km

Kosice: 158 km
Oradea: 205 km
Baia Mare: 284 km
Bratislava: 340 km
Vienna: 382 km
Timisoara: 441 km
Zagreb: 478 km