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2, 3, 4nt Pegazus Apartments, Hajdúszoboszló

170 €
ID: 041010601-2

2nt, 3nt or 4nt Hajdúszoboszló Stay, Buffet Breakfast for 2, Tickets to the Open Air and Medical Bath, only 150 m from the Hungarospa Bath Complex

2nt: 170 €
3nt: 249 €
4nt: 327 €


Full details

Highlights, Fine Print, Surcharges & How to book & Location


  • 2, 3 or 4 night stay for two at the Pegazus Apartments
  • Buffet breakfast every morning of your stay (in a nearby restaurant)
  • Pegazus Apartments has 5 apartments with separate entrances (You can freely choose from them):
    • 1 apartment for 6 person
      • 50 m2: living room, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, TV, Wi-Fi, balcony (air conditioning)
    • 1 apartment for 4 person
      • 40 m2: fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, TV, Wi-Fi (air conditioning)
    • 3 apartment for 2 person
      • 28 m2: bedroom with fully equipped American kitchen (studio apartment), bathroom, TV, Wi-Fi (ventilator)
  • Deal Bonus:
    • 1 ticket/person to the Open Air and Medical Bath (Hungarospa Bath Complex)
  • You can grill in the yard (free of charge)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Check in: from 14:00; Check out: until 10:00
  • Situated in Hajdúszoboszló, only 150 m from the Hungarospa Bath Complex


  • One per two people. 
  • May buy multiples as gifts.
  • Your stay can be extended if you purchase 2 or more Huntels Deals.
  • Combine the 2, 3 and 4 night options as you wish!
  • Must book by 24th Nov 2017.
  • Valid for stays to 20th Dec 2017.
  • No cancellations once booked.
  • Subject to availability; please book early to secure your preferred dates.

 (Have to pay on the spot)

  • Reservation for weekend (Friday and/or Saturday nights): 3 990 HUF (one-time fee)
  • Special seasons (2nd - 6th Jun; 20th - 23rd Oct, 27th Oct - 6th Nov 2017.): 5 000 HUF (one-time fee)
  • High season (16th Jun – 31st Aug 2107.) – min. 4nt: 6 000 HUF/apartment/night
  • City tax: 500 HUF/person/night (over 18 years old)
  • Child prices (without breakfast; without bath ticket):
    • 0-3 years old: free of charge
    • 3-6 years old: 1 500 HUF/child/night
    • 6-10 years old: 2 000 HUF/child/night
    • 10-14 years old: 3 000 HUF/child/night
    • over 14 years old or adult: 5 000 HUF/person/night
  • Parking: 1 000 HUF/vehicle/night
  • Air-conditioning: 1 500 HUF/apartment/night
  • Supplements are not calculated automatically in the total costs and will have to be paid for separately during your stay


Email: reservation@huntels.com 
Tel: +44 20 3290 0172 
       +36 30 876 3181

(Monday - Friday 10:00 - 18:00; in English or Hungarian language)

Click here for more information about how to book!


Pegazus Apartments

14 Jókai sor


Description of accommodation and its surroundings

Pegazus Apartments

The Pegazus Apartments awaits you in the frequented part of Hajdúszoboszló with 5 apartments, close to the Hungarospa Bath Complex.

Hajdúszoboszló is one of the most popular holiday resorts of Hungary, the main attraction of which is  Hungarospa, the largest bath complex of Europe. The open air bath, the swimming pool, the indoor medical bath, the Aquapark and the also indoor two level Aqua-Palace provides fantastic entertainment opportunities for you all year round.  
You can find restaurants, pizzerias, confectioneries, boutiques in the direct vicinity of the apartments. In the summer you can have fun in a giant beer tent with live music, or you can watch quality performances on the outdoor stage, and can enjoy colorful programs of gastronomic, pop and classical music festivals.  You can buy souvenirs, memorabilia, toys at the fair but the colder seasons also offer countless entertainment and relaxation opportunities as well (you can read about the town in detail below).

Every morning you can eat a tasty and plentiful all you can eat breakfast (in a nearby restaurant), so you can start exploring the bath, the town or the region with its abundance of program opportunities full of energy. Moreover, the Huntels Deal now contains 2 beach and thermal bath tickets too!

Pegazus Apartments has 5 apartments with separate entrances (You can freely choose from them):

  • 1 apartment for 6 person
    • 50 m2: living room, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, TV, Wi-Fi, balcony (air conditioning)
  • 1 apartment for 4 person
    • 40 m2: fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, TV, Wi-Fi (air conditioning)
  • 3 apartment for 2 person
    • 28 m2: bedroom with fully equipped American kitchen (studio apartment), bathroom, TV, Wi-Fi (ventilator)

The Pegazus Apartments and Hajdúszoboszló are excellent choices for all generations in any month of the year. Come and have experiences that last a lifetime!


The Hungarospa in Hajdúszoboszló won the Hungarian “Bath of the year” award in 2015. The quality of the services was deemed exceptional by the visitors in all regards. The bath which is open all year round is not only the largest bath complex of Europe, but the largest constructed pool of Central Europe is here too. The complex is made up of the Open Air Bath/Beach (Strandfürdő), the Swimming Pool (Uszoda), the Medical Bath (Gyógyfürdő), the Aquapark and the Aqua-Palace (direct passage between the establishments is ensured).

Open Air Bath/Beach, boating lake, swimming pool, sports venues

The beach is in a 30 hectare large park, 13 pools, slides, children’s playgrounds, several restaurants and ice cream parlors make refreshment of beach goers pleasant. Besides hot tubs, whirlpool baths, swimming pools, children’s pools, thermal pools, spas, one of the most popular attractions is the 6200 square meter large pool called the Mediterranean seashore/Mediterranean beach (mediterrán tengerpart). It gets deeper gradually, from time to time it waves, and in the deep end it is divided from the boating lake by a large pirate ship.  The pirate ship (kalózhajó) has a restaurant on it, enhancing the culinary experiences provided by the beach. On the sandy beach you can have a rest lying on sunbeds under palm trees or beach umbrellas.  The lighthouse or the foam bath which is the favorite “party place” for young people makes the seashore even more exciting. You can boat, pedalo, watch how ducks swim about or feed fish in the more than 5 hectares largeboating lake (csónakázó tó). There are life sized toy seals, turtles, hippopotamuses waiting for playful children in the children’s pool.  There is a nudist beach in a separate part, on the island near the Mediterranian beach. You should remember that all the swimming easily makes you hungry. You can eat fish courses, Hungarian courses, cakes, slush, ice cream, almost anything you desire in inns, restaurants, and buffets.  In certain restaurants the delicious noodles and soups are prepared in front of the beachgoers as an open kitchen and the jolly cooks encourage you to try and taste it. 

There are land and water sports venues to please those wishing to do sports, like sandy volley ball field, sandy football field, concrete foot tennis, streetball, basketball, and table-tennis, and cinder tennis court and synthetic grass sports tent against fee. In the area of the beach there is a 50 square meter indoorswimming pool, with 8 tracks, with a fixed surface pool. Furthermore, there is a training pool, two indoors and one outdoors thermal pool, conditioning room, sauna, tanning bed and massage to increase the number of opportunities.

Medical Bath, thermal water, treatments

In the thermal baths renovated recently there are 3 indoor (32, 36 and 38 C) and 4 outdoor thermal water pools for the visitors all throughout the year.
The thermal water comes up from 1100 m deep, 75oC hot, containing iodine, bromine, kitchen salt, bicarbonate. It has curative effect on, among others, joint inflammations, pains, spinal diseases, nerve pains, injuries, sports injuries, vasoconstriction, gynecological sicknesses, infertility, certain skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, pruritus).  Healing is helped by medical consulting rooms, physiotherapy rooms, treatment rooms, sauna, weight bath, mud bath, tub bath, and of course it offers excellent rest, recreation, regeneration, entertainment for healthy people too. In case of diseases the selection is more than 40 types of treatments(underwater jet massage, underwater physiotherapy, mud treatment, massage, electrotherapy, ultrasound terapy, light therapy, etc.). 


The Aquapark is the first slide paradise of Hungary, renewed and expanded in the past years. Several slides start from a height of 12 meters, and from 16 meters in the extreme zone; your fears can be overcome or your broken limits enjoyed on a total of 15 giant slides. Climbing wall with waterfall, floating river, spa and children’s adventure pool make the experience even more complete.  


The indoors Aqua-Palace water palace receives visitors on 15 000 square meters with a unique atmosphere and a wide range of services. 20 pools on 2 levels (e.g. movie pool, ice cave, tropical pool, sea bath, amusement elements, slides, children’s pools) and playhouse. In the wellness unit there are Finnish saunas, infrared saunas, steam baths, diving pools and salt chamber.  In the surf building there is the opportunity for standing surfing on 2 tracks, and squash fields, table tennis, conditioning room, fitness lessons and swimming pool serve those who love sports. Also, you cannot stay hungry, a restaurant and snack bar take care of food intake in the necessary quality and quantity. 

see more: http://www.hungarospa.hu/en/


Hajdúszoboszló is one of the most popular holiday locations in Hungary. It is 191 km from the airport of Budapest (Liszt Ferenc Airport) and 24 km from the airport of Debrecen (Debrecen Airport). It can be accessed easily by car as well on the highway and on the main road alike. The town is in the plains of the Alföld, the number of sunny hours is the highest in this part of the country. The excellent climate, the amazing wildlife, the thermal water with its unique composition, the services of the Hungarospa bath complex, the gastronomic specialties, the diverse program selection make the town to be among the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.
It is impossible to get bored in Hajdúszoboszló, be it families with small children or young people or older people who visit the town. The bath complex makes the days and the bustling town makes the early evenings or the nights entertaining and relaxing at the same time. You can meet a fair near the bath, a diverse crowd of street sellers, musicians, dancers. Restaurants, cafés, confectioneries, bars, live music parties, bouncing castles, rodeo bull, mini amusement park, live music dance giant tent or disco, light and classical music events, gastronomical or handicraft festivals.  If you wish to get away from all that then you can rent a bicycle or tandem and explore the town. You can also go exploring on foot or even get on the sightseeing small train.
You can read more about the festivals here:

If you feel you have tanned and bathed enough in the pools, you can visit the Bell House (Harangház) the Farmers Market (Termelői Piac), Mókuskaland Adventure Park (Mókuskaland Élménypark), Xpark, Nádaspart Fishing Lake and Holiday Center (Nádaspart Horgásztó és Szabadidőközpont), or the Sports Airport (Sportrepülőtér) as well.
The Bell House (Harangház) is a new constructed legacy of Hajdúszoboszló, the joint work of two great architects. 50 unique aluminum bells, carved pillars and painted marking trees were placed which symbolize the history of Hungary and the Carpathian basin (Kárpát-medence).
In the Farmers’ Market (Termelői Piac) you can buy the quality products of local producers on good prices, like fruits, vegetables, seeds, honey, cheese, smoked meat, homemade cookies, and handicraft products.
In the Mókuskaland Adventure Park (Mókuskaland Élménypark) you can try your courage on children’s and adult obstacle courses and a slide course of 9 obstacles also contributes to entertainment full of experiences.
In the Xpark adventure park you can find the longest artificial canopy course of Europe, box tower building, a 24 m overlook, petting zoo, domestic animals and village museum offer fantastic entertainment.
In the Nádaspart Fishing Lake and Holiday Center (Nádaspart Horgásztó és Szabadidőközpont) you can swim and fish in the lake, and from time to time there are exciting competitions for fishermen who like challenges.
It is a real adrenaline rush to rise to the skies with the pilots of Hajdú-fly at the Sports Airport (Sportrepülőtér); the team has plane rides, paragliding, hot air ballooning and parachuting waiting for You. 
Further program opportunities: karting, paintball, bowling, horse riding, carriage, playhouse, cozy wine cellars with wine tastings.    

In the colder months, as nature also takes a step back, this bustling town also becomes calmer somewhat. This time hiking, small and large excursions on foot and on bike become popular. Instead of the street crowd you can see the peaceful landscape, with its thousand colors in the spring and in the autumn, and covered with snow in the winter.  In the evening you can rest and warm up in the restaurants with heavenly courses accompanied by a cup of mulled wine or hot tea. The indoor swimming pool, the thermal bath and the Aqua-Palace are open for you regardless of the season or the weather, also the events and festivals are always organized, even in the coldest weather. Hajdúszoboszló is a fantastic choice in the whole year!

Hajdúszoboszló and its region

You can see several sights, participate in interesting and exciting programs around Hajdúszoboszló, for example in Debrecen, on the Hortobágy, in Nyíregyháza, but the lake Tisza and the nearby thermal baths also offer lot of experiences for you.

 is only 22 km from Hajdúszoboszló. This city has the 3rd largest area in Hungary and is the 2nd most populated one. This city, full of life, offers countless opportunities for rest and entertainment: local places of interest, baths, Nagyerdő, zoo and amusement park, Kerekerdő Adventure Park (Kerekerdő Élménypark), sports activities, parks, promenade, mall and supermarket, gastronomical specialties, Flower Carnival (Virágkarnevál), festival, programs…

The Reformed Big Church (Református Nagytemplom), the largest church of the country is among the main places of interest of Debrecen, situated on a nice square. It is worth visiting Déri Museum (Déri Múzeum), MODEM Center for Modern and Contemporary Arts (Modern és Kortárs Művészeti Központ), the St. Anna’s Cathedral (Szent Annya Székesegyház), or the Nagyerdei Water Tower (Nagyerdei Víztorony) if you wish to see really special and exciting architectural masterpieces. The wonders of everyday life are explained popularly and interestingly in the Agora Scientific Adventure Center (Agóra Tudományos Élményközpont), a must-see water magic is to be seen in the Ködszínház /”Mist” Theatre/, and the Nagyerdei Stadium (Nagyerdei Stadion) is one of the most modern arenas, home to the football team of the city.
Those who love the water definitely won’t stay dry, Aquaticum Spa (Aquaticum Mediterrán Élményfürdő), the Kerekestelepi Thermal & Outdoor Pool (Kerekestelepi Fürdő), the Debrecen Sports Swimming Pool (Debreceni Sportuszoda), the Szeged Street Leisure Centre (Szeged utcai Szabadidőpark), and the “Macsi Balcsi”/ Látóképi Lake Bath (“Macsi Balcsi”/Látóképi Tófürdő) provides swimming opportunities.

Aquaticum Spa (Aquaticum Mediterrán Élményfürdő), open all year round, offers fantastic experiences with the help of the Mediterranean Adventure, the Thermal Baths, the Open Air Baths, the Wellness Island and the Sauna World units.
In the Kerekestelepi Thermal & Outdoor Pool (Kerekestelepi Fürdő) you can swim in 5 pools (2 thermal pools among them), play at the tennis court or eat at the catering units and in the Debrecen Sports Swimming Pool (Debreceni Sportuszoda) you can find a 50m competition pool, a 25 m training pool, learning pool, hot tub, Finnish sauna and diving pool.   
The Szeged Street Leisure Centre (Szeged utcai Szabadidőpark) near the 1.2  hectares large fishing lake has a free parking lot, Hungarian style restaurant, event house, a 4 pool beach, football field with cinder, beach football and beach volleyball field, lakeside cooking places, sandy beach, and cozy summerhouses for 12-40 people that can be rented for the whole day. There is a large playground for the children outside, and they can release their excess energies on trampolines, table football and table tennis.  
The “Macsi Balcsi”/ Látóképi Lake Bath (“Macsi Balcsi”/Látóképi Tófürdő) offers a shady glade and excellent quality water for those who like to swim in a lake. The lake bath is 10-12 km away from Debrecen, with eating opportunities, playground, beach volley ball and football field in its area.

The Debrecen Nagyerdő /”Big Forest”/ is a nature reserve, the popular hiking location of the area, where special protected plant and animal species live. Among its resting and entertainment locations are the Frogs' Pond (Békás-tó), Millennium playground (Milleniumi játszótér), the Medgyessy Promenade (Medgyessy sétány), with the statues of famous Hungarian writers and poets,  Aquaticum Spa, the Csónakázótó /boating lake/, the Zoo and Amusement Park (Állatkert és Vidámpark), open skating rink, sports center, sports hall, stadium, the University park (Egyetemi park) and the Botanical garden (Botanikus kert). 
The Kerekerdő Adventure Park (Kerekerdő Élménypark) is the Disneyland of Hungary, where you can get with the “Zsuzsi” forest narrow gauge railway from different parts of the city.  There is a talking tree, Flintstones pedalo, adventure course with a net, cableway obstacle course, trampoline, bouncing castle, pony riding, handicraft lessons, rafting course, scenes from tales, castle for events, bungee trampoline and lots of playgrounds in the park for the little ones.
Also, you cannot get bored even in the winter; almost all establishments are open for visitors all year round. Furthermore you can skate on a 1624 square meter large open air skating rink at the Nagyerdei Stadium (Nagyerdei Stadion), and can walk around at the fair in the company of mulled wine, hot tea and baked chestnut.  There is an abundance of concerts, festivals, exhibitions, fairs in all the seasons. 

The area of the Hortobágy National Park (Hortobágyi Nemzeti Park) is 82 000 hectare; it is on the list of Cultural and Natural World Heritage in its entirety. Thefishing lake narrow gauge train (halastavi kisvasút) that carries passengers is the only one in the country and it is on the largest grass plain of Central Europe. The Hortobágy is a region the specific history and valuable wildlife, unique folklore of which give it uniquely Hungarian characteristics. The river Hortobágy (Hortobágy folyó) flows in the middle of the huge plain, overarched by the famous Nine-holed Bridge (Kilenclyukú Híd). Directly next to the bridge there is a traditional inn of the plains, the Hortobágy Large Inn (Hortobágyi Nagycsárda). You can choose from several program opportunities, have carriage rides on the plains, participate in bird watching, star walks or safari. It is worth taking gastronomical excursions, excellent restaurants and even more excellent courses follow each other in the region.  In the Wildlife Park/Game Park (Vadaspark) you can have an exceptional experience, you can see animals in the wild up close, wild horses, aurochs, wolves, jackals, eagles and vultures, along with water birds. If you visit the region in the summer and you are lucky, you can see the Fata Morgana (délibáb), which is an atmospheric phenomenon, in which you see the image of distant objects not in their actual place or in their actual position. In the course of the phenomenon that can be observed  most often near the horizon objects at the edge of the horizon seem to be floating above the surface, or seem to be reversed or doubled.

 is also close to Debrecen. The dynamically developing town is an attractive tourist destination with several places of interest, spectacles and program opportunities for the visitors.
What is exceptional from them are the Sóstó Zoo (Nyíregyházi Állatpark) in the Sóstó holiday area, the Aquarius Spa (Aquarius Élményfürdő), the Park Spa (Parkfürdő), the Lake Spa (Tófürdő), the Sóstó Village Museum (Múzeumfalu), and the Parkerdő, while in the town center you can find museums, churches, exhibitions, malls, shops, restaurants, active entertainment and sports opportunities for you to have a fantastic time. The Júlia Spa (Júlia Fürdő) is also in the town center, (swimming pool, outdoor and indoor thermal pools, sauna pools, Finnish and infra saunas, steam cabin, massage treatments), a fantastic place to create the harmony of body and soul, refresh, rest and relaxation. 
Sóstógyógyfürdő is a popular holiday destination, separated from Nyíregyháza by only the Sóstó forest (Sóstói-erdő). The crystal clean air, the calm, quiet environment, the amazing flora and fauna, the baths, the playgrounds, the outdoor programs make it popular for families with small children, young couples, companies of friends, middle aged or older people alike.
In the 30 hectares area of the Sóstó Zoo (Nyíregyházi Állatpark) the continents are waiting for you, so you can travel the world, and see how animals live in different regions of the world. More than 500 species with 5000 specimen live here from the colorful wildlife of the world, among them you can meet such special animals like the white tiger, African elephant, Komodo dragon, Indian rhinoceros, polar bear, sand tiger shark or the Western plains gorilla. The zoo is the entirety of facilities with different themes, like the Green Pyramid (Zöld Piramis), Oceanarium (Ócenárium), Rainforest House (Esőerdőház), Tarzan’s Trail (Tarzan ösvénye), Australia (Ausztrália), Polar Region (Sarkvidék), World of Andes (Andok kalandok), Victoria House (Viktória ház) and the Carpathian Basin (Kárpát-medence).
Sóstógyógyfürdő is also deservedly famous for its baths and excellent thermal water. The indoor Aquarius Spa (Aquarius Élményfürdő), open all year round, has thermal pools, hot tub, Kneipp treading pool, whirlpool bath, amusement pools with slides, children’s pools and saunas. In the Park Spa (Parkfürdő) outdoor pools (swimming pool, thermal pools, hot tub, spa) and slides are waiting for you, and in Lake Spa (Tófürdő) you can swim around in the relaxing water of the lake in a 2000 square meter area, relax in the thermal pool, slide, or play volley ball, football on the sports fields. There is no shortage of restaurants, cafés, buffets in any of the baths, so gastronomical pleasures also accompany the joys of water.
The Sóstó Village Museum (Múzeumfalu) is one of the largest outdoor ethnographic museums, where permanent and temporary exhibitions, events make visiting the realistically furnished building complexes, their numbers expanding each year, even more interesting. 
In the Parkerdő promenades among the trees, forest sports fields, playgrounds, bacon frying and cauldron cooking sites make the program selection of Sóstógyógyfürdő even more colorful.

Lake Tisza
 (Tisza-tó) is the largest artificial lake of Hungary. Its area is 127 km², on which open water, islands, backwaters and shallow channels follow each other like a mosaic. Its length is 27 km with an average depth of 1,3 meters, 43 km² of islands dot its surface. Its wildlife is exceptionally rich and varied; you can explore it on foot, by bike, on horseback or by boat. The swarming of mayflies (tiszavirágzás) is a spectacular and unique phenomenon of Lake Tisza and the river Tisza.  The mass swarming of mayflies, colorful insects in the order of mayflies these days can only be witnessed in the Tisza and its tributaries from all of Europe.

From among the settlements on the shores of the lake Poroszló, Tiszafüred and Abádszalók are the most popular, with water and outdoor sports opportunities, open beaches, fishing places, restaurants, pizzerias, cafés, buffets, events and a bustling nightlife (discos, entertainment venues) for the visitors in every season.
In Poroszló you can watch 200 species of birds, 33 species of dragonflies, swamp water plants, and 51 species of fish in the 7000 hectares large Lake Tisza Bird Reserve (Madárrezervátum), in the course of kayak-canoe tours as well. The Lake Tisza Ecocentre (Tisza-tavi Ökocentrum) presents the natural treasures, rich wildlife of Lake Tisza and the Tisza valley in an entertaining manner, with a modern, interactive view, playfully. In the multi-level central building of the visitor center with an area of 2600 m2, resembling a rising bird, there are permanent and temporary exhibitions, three dimension movie, playing room and overlook tower. Among other things the largest freshwater aquarium system of Europe is here. 
In Tiszafüred, besides the open beach, you can swim in the Thermal Beach and Spa (Termál Strand- és Gyógyfürdő), which has beach pool, indoor thermal pool, swimming pool, outdoor thermal pool, and sauna.  The thermal water with alkaline Hydrogen-carbonate which, due to its composition, is suitable for treating chronic musculoskeletal, rheumatologic, diseases involving cartilage damage, neurological diseases involving muscle paralysis and atrophy, even chronic gynecological diseases. In the Albatross Port (Albatrosz Kikötő) you can rent kayaks, canoes, rowboats, motorboats, participate in water tours, or cook outside.Adventure Island (Kalandsziget), to be mentioned later, is also in the town. 
In Abádszalók, in the Doll Museum and Village House (Babamúzeum és Faluház) you can see 215 types of clothing from the Carpathian basin on 375 dolls, 266 types of clothing from 64 countries of the world, and the equipment and tools of peasants.  Tour boats, party boats, sailboats, motorsport boats depart from theAbád Port (Abád Kikötő), also enthusiasts of flyboard and those wishing to participate in eco-tours are also welcome here.

At the shores of Lake Tisza it is worth visiting the Dream Beach Adventure Park in Tiszanána, and the open beach in Kisköre. You can find a 52 course adventure park, slide courses, furnished yurts, archery, pleasure boats and motorboats in the selection of Dream Beach Adventure Park (Dream Beach Élménypark). TheKisköre Beach (Kisköre Strand) is one of the most developed beaches of the lake, where, besides swimming and doing water sports, you can try water banana and donut, wakeboard, kneeboard, or can even slide. 
In the winter you can marvel at the beauty of the snow-covered landscape, take an ice tour, go ice sailing, ice fishing and skate on the surface of the frozen lake, then warm yourselves up with the famous pálinkas of the region.


In the vicinity of Hajdúszoboszló several towns are home to baths and wellness facilities, besides the Debrecen Aquaticum Spa (Aquaticum Mediterrán Élményfürdő), the Júlia Spa (Júlia Fürdő) and Aquarius Spa (Aquarius Élményfürdő) in Nyíregyháza, the Tiszafüred Thermal Beach and Spa (Termál Strand- és Gyógyfürdő) for example the Hajdúnánás Thermal Bath (Hajdúnánási Gyógyfürdő) in Hajdúnánás, the Thermalbath Complex (Tiszaújvárosi Gyógy- és Strandfürdő) in Tiszaújváros, Bocskai Thermal Bath (Bocskai Gyógyfürdő) in Hajdúböszörmény, Kamilla Medical, Thermal Spa and Pools (Kamilla Gyógy-, Termál- és Strandfürdő) in Balmazújváros, Akácliget Bath and Medical Spa (Akácliget Gyógy- és Strandfürdő) in Karcag, Sárkány Wellness and Spa (Sárkány Wellness és Gyógyfürdő) in Nyírbátor are waiting for you all year round! All the baths have thermal water with excellent composition, with countless outdoor and indoor pools, sauna world, massage, wellness and healthcare treatments.

If you arrive in the winter and would like to ski, then Bánkút in the Bükk Mountains (Bükk-hegység) is the best solution. Bánkút is a popular ski center, the second highest point of the Bükk Mountains. Eight trails of different difficulty level were created on the steep slopes but there is opportunity to snowboard and to sleigh on a separate course. 

 (Kamilla Medical, Thermal Spa and Pools): 21 km
Debrecen (Aquaticum Spa, Nagyerdő, boating lake, Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park, Kerekerdő Adventure Park, skating rink): 22 km
Debrecen Airport: 24 km
Hortobágy National Park /Hortobágy/: 31 km
Hajdúböszörmény (Bocskai Thermal Bath): 36 km
Karcag (Akácliget Bath and Medical Spa): 40 km
Hajdúnánás (Hajdúnánás Thermal Bath): 58 km
Lake Tisza /Tiszafüred - Kalandsziget Adventure Park, Thermal Beach and Spa, Albatross Port/: 67 km
Nyíregyháza (Júlia Spa): 72 km
Nyírbátor (Sárkány Wellness and Spa): 76 km
Lake Tisza /Poroszló - Lake Tisza Bird Reserve, Lake Tisza Ecocentre/: 77 km
Sóstógyógyfürdő (Sóstó ZOO, Aquarius Spa, Park Spa, Lake Spa, Sóstó Vil­lage Museum): 77 km
Tiszaújváros (Thermalbath Complex): 81 km
Lake Tisza /Abádszalók - Doll Museum and Village House, Abád Port/: 87 km
Tiszanána (Dream Beach Adventure Park): 93 km
Kisköre (Kisköre Beach): 97 km
Miskolc (Castle of Diósgyőr, Miskolctapolca – Cave Bath, Lillafüred – Lake Hámori): 125 km
Bánkút (popular holiday/hiking destination): 150 km
Eger (Castle of Eger, Thermal Spa, Turkish Spa, Eger wine region, Szépasszonyvölgy – wine cellars): 154 km
BUDAPEST /Liszt Ferenc Airport/: 191 km
BUDAPEST: 243 km
Oradea /International Airport/: 81 km
Baia Mare: 188 km
Kosice: 199 km
Timisoara: 244 km
Bratislava: 444 km
Vienna: 486 km
Zagreb: 608 km