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2-3nt Hotel Korona Termál***, Harkány (near Pécs)

229 €
ID: 016010301-2

2nt at weekends or 3nt on weekdays, Wellness & Half Board for 2, Buffet Breakfast & 3-course Dinner, Right across from the entrance of the Harkány Thermal Spa (only 5 km from Siklós)


Full details

Highlights, Fine Print, Surcharges & How to book & Location


  • You can spend 2 nights if you arrive on Friday or Saturday, and 3 nights if you arrive on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday (for 2, at the Hotel Korona Termál***)
  • Half board: plentiful and delicious buffet breakfast & 3-course dinner (A, B or C menu) every morning and every evening of your stay
  • Stay in a standard, en-suite double or twin room (with balcony) complete with TV, telephone and fridge (extra beds can be added)
  • Includes spa facilities (17:00 - 21:00):
    • Finnish sauna, infra sauna, light therapy, Kneipp treading pool
    • massage treatments (charges apply)
  • Deal Bonus:
    • opportunity to buy tickets to the Harkány Thermal Spa on discount
    • opportunity to buy tickets to the Thermal Spa Siklós on discount
  • Free Wi-Fi (and billiard) in the hall
  • Check in: from 14:00; Check out: until 10:00
  • Situated in Harkány, right across from the entrance of the Harkány Thermal Spa and 5 km from Siklós (Thermal Spa Siklós)


  • One per two people. 
  • May buy multiples as gifts.
  • Your stay can be extended if you purchase 2 or more Huntels Deals.
  • Must book by 28th Feb 2018.
  • Valid for stays to 31st May 2018.
  • Excludes 18th Nov 2017 - 20th Mar 2018; 29th Mar - 2nd Apr; 18th - 21st May 2018.
  • No cancellations once booked.
  • Subject to availability; please book early to secure your preferred dates.

 (Have to pay on the spot)

  • City tax: 500 HUF/person/night (over 18 years old)
  • Child prices (with half board):
    • 0-4 years old: free of charge
    • 4-12 years old: 8 725 HUF/child/deal
    • 12-18 years old: 12 200 HUF/child/deal
    • over 18 years old: 17 500 HUF/person/deal
  • Enclosed parking lot: 1 000 HUF (one-time fee)
  • You can rent bicycles at the reception desk: 500 HUF/bike/hour
  • Supplements are not calculated automatically in the total costs and will have to be paid for separately during your stay


Email: reservation@huntels.com 
Tel: +44 20 3290 0172 
       +36 30 876 3181

(Monday - Friday 10:00 - 18:00; in English or Hungarian language)

Click here for more information about how to book!


Hotel Korona Termál***

3 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street



Description of accommodation and its surroundings

Hotel Korona Termál***

The Hotel Korona Termál*** is in the heart of Harkány, right across from the entrance of the Harkány Thermal Spa (Harkányi Gyógy- és Strandfürdő) which is popular in all of Europe, in a calm, quiet environment. 
TV, fridge and telephone can be found in the double or twin rooms (with balcony and bathroom) of the Bauhaus-style monument building. You can relax undisturbed in the comfortable rooms, while warm sunshine coming from the open windows, fresh air, soft breeze and quietly chirping birds create idyllic circumstances. 
International, Hungarian and local specialties are also served in the restaurant of the hotel in the course of the plentiful, delicious all you can eat breakfast and the 3-course dinner (A, B or C menu), and you can accompany the tasty meals with the succulent beverages of the famous Villány wine region. If the weather is nice, you can eat on the terrace of the restaurant, in the company of a trickling fountain, colorful and fragrant flowers green trees and bushes.
In the wellness unit Finnish sauna, infra cabin, light therapy and Kneipp treading pool help relaxation, recreation, creating harmony in body and soul, and are extremely important in detoxication.
If you do not want to totally break away from the outside world, you can get on the internet sitting in the comfortable leather armchairs of the hall of the hotel, and if you want some playful fun, you can compete in pool billiard.
Besides the above this Huntels Deal contains discount tickets to the Harkány Thermal Spa (Harkányi Gyógy- és Strandfürdő) and the Thermal Spa Siklós to participate in the fantastic wellness experience at the best possible price.
Furthermore, now you can buy a special deal with the condition that if you arrive on Friday or Saturday, then you can spend 2 nights, and if you arrive on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday then you can spend 3 days in this miraculous hotel!


Harkány is a small town near the Southern border of Hungary with a nice Mediterranean climate, famous thermal water and quality restaurants for visitors who wish to rest, swim, heal, relax. The Zsigmondy Promenade (Zsigmondy sétány), which is to the South of the Harkány Thermal Spa ensures a pleasant time, enjoying being close to nature. Trees, bushes, flowers surround the paths in the park. Additionally, artistic works, statues can be seen in the park, and the famous and valuable fountain made of Zsolnay porcelain (Zsolnay porcelán) is also here, decorated with patterns symbolizing the legend of the Harkány water. There is no lack of gastronomic delights in the town, the cozy restaurants have several international and Hungarian courses for you, from the popular Hungarian goulash, through crispy Italian pizzas. The most attractive trait of Harkány, however, is the thermal bath that satisfies the needs of every generation on the highest possible quality level. 

The Harkány thermal water

In the 13.5 hectares large park of Harkány, among the centuries old trees and Zsolnay porcelain fountains, you can find the Harkány Thermal Spa (Harkányi Gyógy- és Strandfürdő), one of the most famous bath resorts of Central Europe. The Zsigmondy Vilmos Thermal Bath Hospital (Zsigmondy Vilmos Gyógyfürdőkórház) was built close to the bath; the two together made the healing of tens of thousands of sick people in the past 50 years. The thermal water, unique in Europe, comes from a depth of 50-70 m, with an average temperature of 62 oC. This water, rich in minerals and ions, contains a large amount of sulfides and Sulphur, the primary effect of which is its antispasmodic and muscle relaxant quality. It also effectively heals inflammations, accelerates the regeneration of cells, and makes most musculoskeletal, rheumatic and joint diseases lose symptoms. It is internationally acknowledged that this water can achieve a long-term decrease of psoriasis, to which disease no other cure has been found yet.  Its positive effect was also proven in the field of gynecology; the thermal water can cure infertility, abnormalities caused by pelvic inflammation, and other problems as well.  The special services and treatments monitored by the professional doctors of the thermal bath hospital re available for everyone every day of the year.

Harkány Thermal Spa

The bath and its thermal water is a perfect choice not only for healing several types of diseases, it also provides fantastic entertainment opportunities for children and adults alike.
You can find altogether 15 pools in the Harkány Thermal Spa.
4 thermal pools operate in the thermal bath part of the Harkány Thermal Spa (Harkányi Gyógy- és Strandfürdő) every day of the year, from which 2 are indoor ones and 2 are outdoor ones, with a temperature between 34 oC and 38 oC.  You can enhance the atmosphere of bathing by resting in the hot tub in the loft, in a Jacuzzi or in a relaxing pool.
In the wellness unit you can find sauna, steam cabin, several massage types, and other treatments, like steam capsule. There are fixed surface swimming pool, children’s pool, slide and outdoor pools in the beach part. The outdoor pools are open from May until October: hot water pool, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, 2 “butterfly” pools, slide pool and sauna diving pool. There are 20 restaurants, 15 buffets, and a further 59 shops and other services for the guests in the area of the beach. You can connect swimming to active sports activities, like water volleyball, aquafitness, water dance, beach volleyball, beach football, bowling, table tennis and baby swimming. Additionally, the bath organizes sauna séances and is from time to time a location for events (e.g. ThermalFest, Global Wellness Day, Late Night Bath Party, Night of the Beaches…

see more: http://www.harkanyfurdo.hu/en

The Harkány region

Harkány is in an ideal environment with picturesque beauty, its nice Mediterranean climate, tasty wines, amazing flora and fauna, its thermal water which is unique in Europe attracts several guests all year round. However, not only Harkány is a popular travel destination, its region offers countless spectacles and entertainment opportunities as well. It is worth to plan a longer visit to the town and visit a couple locations from here.

The Southern Transdanubian part of Hungary is really rich in thermal waters, from the baths that can be found close to Harkány the bath complexes in Siklós, Kaposvár, Tamási, Igal, Dombóvár-Gunaras, Komló-Sikonda or Magyarhertelend are exceptional, and are open all year round. 

is only 5 km away, this distance can easily be covered even by bicycle. In the 3 level complex of the Thermal Spa Siklós you can find a total of 12 pools, among them Turkish bath, floating bath, 3 children’s pools with water toys, slides, swimming pool, hot water thermal pools, giant slides, sports venues, saunas, aroma and steam cabins.  Besides the bath visiting the Castle of Siklós (Siklósi Vár) can be a great program, there are several events to make the visit more colorful. 

Going through Siklós you can get to Villány, bearing the moniker “Town of wines” (“Borok városa”), and rightly so. Several wineries offer their high quality products for tasting, drinking on site or purchasing. The delicious wines will definitely amaze You as well, and you will be happy to take home a bit of Hungary with you.

, as a historical site, is a monument to an event which is important not only for Hungary but for all of Europe as well. The battle of Mohács took place in 1526, when the Hungarian army fought heroically, outnumbered several times over against the Turkish army, led by Sultan Suleiman, and suffered a severe defeat. Their story was preserved until this day and we can remember them at several sites.

In the Danube-Drava National Park (Duna-Dráva Nemzeti Park), besides viewing the amazing flora and fauna and walking through the educational paths you can participate in canoe tours and cave adventure tours, and you can go around some parts with a forest narrow gauge train.

is a bustling city, home to several theatres, museums, events and festivals. Among other spectacles you can find here the museum of the Zsolnay porcelain (Zsolnay porcelán), famous worldwide, or the newest zoo and aquarium-terrarium, the Pécs Zoo (Pécsi Állatkert). In the installation named Berek a five pole water ski- wakeboard course and an indoor riding arena provide great program opportunities. The snow-covered slopes do not disappoint those who like winter sports in the winter, several ski resorts operate in Pécs and in its vicinity.

near Pécs is a fantastic town, full of life, festivals, events. 3 lakes offer entertainment and relaxation opportunities at its open water and developed beaches. Besides this, you can use sports venues, ride horses, kayak, sail, and boat as well.
The longest cave with a spring in the Mecsek mountains, the Abaliget Dripstone Cave and Bat Museum (Abaligeti Cseppkőbarlang és Denevérmúzeum) can be visited a couple minutes from Orfű, in Abaliget.

However, the region does not only provide programs and thermal baths, but gastronomical pleasures as well; hundreds of restaurants follow each other with different international and national selection of foods and beverages. It is best to accompany delicious meals with quality beverages, the Szekszárd wine region is one of the most famous historic wine regions of Hungary. Cold wine cellars, tasty wines, wine tastings, these must be experienced from the programs offered by the region, but visiting the Pécsvárad Castle (Pécsváradi Vár) or the Zrínyi Castle of Szigetvár (Szigetvári Zrínyi Vár), participating in their colorful events can be a great choice as well.  Or you can have a pleasure boat ride on the river Drava, or hunt and fish nearby. 

Harkány and its region offers unforgettable programs all year round, be a part of the experience! 

(Castle of Siklós, Thermal Spa Siklós): 5 km
Villány („Town of wines”): 22 km
Pécs (Zsolnay Museum, National Theatre of Pécs, Pécs Zoo, ski resorts): 26 km
Orfű (3 lakes, sports and leisure activities, festivals): 43 km
Abaliget (Abaliget Dripstone Cave and Bat Museum): 45 km
Pécsvárad (Pécsvárad Castle): 47 km
Komló-Sikonda (Sikonda Thermal Spa & Sauna Park): 49 km
Magyarhertelend (Magyarhertelend Thermal Spa): 53 km
Szigetvár (Zrínyi Castle): 58 km
Mohács (historical site): 58 km
Danube-Drava National Park: 68 km
Kaposvár (Virágfürdő Thermal Spa, Lake Deseda): 97 km
Szekszárd (4500 wine cellars, wine museums, Szekszárd Family Friendly Beach and Spa): 98 km
Igal (Igal Health Spa): 105 km
Tamási (Tamási Thermal Spa): 111 km
Lake Balaton /Siófok/: 144 km
Lake Velence /Velencefürdő/: 211 km
BUDAPEST: 244 km
BUDAPEST /Liszt Ferenc Airport/: 256 km
Zagreb: 234 km
Timisoara: 327 km
Oradea: 419 km
Bratislava: 424 km
Vienna: 466 km
Kosice: 514 km