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2-3nt Bagolyvár Guesthouse and Restaurant and Wellness, Inárcs (near Budapest)

280 €
ID: 024020601-2

2nt or 3nt Inárcs Stay, Spa and Half Board for 2, Buffet Breakfast & Dinner, Full Acces to Spa Facilities, Leisure Activities (near Budapest)

2nt: 280 €
3nt: 420 €


Full details

Highlights, Fine Print, Surcharges & How to book & Location


  • 2 or 3 night stay for two at the Bagolyvár Guesthouse & Restaurant & Wellness
  • Half board: buffet breakfast & buffet or a’la carte 3-course dinner (depends on the number of reservations) every morning and every evening of your stay
  • 3-course dinner includes: soup + main course with pickles + dessert
  • Stay in a standard, en-suite double or twin room complete with TV and Wi-Fi (extra beds can be added)
  • Includes full access to spa facilities (open from 09:00 to 21:00):
    • indoor hot water spa (30-32oC)
    • outdoor Mediterranean swimming pool (20-26oC; seasonal) with children’s swimming zone and amusement elements
    • Finnish and infrared saunas
    • tropical resting space
  • Enjoy a Fish pond with water lilies and water flowers, a playground, and a park with ponies and a talking parrot
  • Leisure activities (charges apply): sandy football field, padel field, table tennis, gaming hall with card table, table soccer, darts and billiard table, horse carriage riding 
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free enclosed parking lot with security cameras
  • Check in: from 14:00; Check out: until 10:00
  • Situated in Inárcs, 30 km from Budapest – Liszt Ferenc Airport


  • One per two people. 
  • May buy multiples as gifts.
  • Your stay can be extended if you purchase 2 or more Huntels Deals.
  • Combine the 2 and 3 night options as you wish!
  • Must book by 24th Nov 2018.
  • Valid for stays to 22nd Dec 2018.
  • Excludes 17th - 20st Aug; 19th - 23rd Oct; 1st Nov 2018.
  • No cancellations once booked.
  • Subject to availability; please book early to secure your preferred dates.

 (Have to pay on the spot)

  • Reservation for weekend (Friday and/or Saturday nights): 2 990 HUF (one-time fee)
  • High season (1st Jun - 30th Sep 2018): 3 000 HUF/room/night
  • City tax: 400 HUF/person/night (over 18 years old)
  • Child prices (with half board):
    • 0-3 years old: free of charge
    • 3-9 years old: 5 250 HUF/child/night
    • over 9 years old or adult: 9 000 HUF/person/night
  • Supplements are not calculated automatically in the total costs and will have to be paid for separately during your stay


Email: reservation@huntels.com 

(Monday - Friday 10:00 - 18:00; in English or Hungarian language)

Click here for more information about how to book!


Bagolyvár Guesthouse & Restaurant & Wellness

73 Honvéd Street



Description of accommodation and its surroundings

Bagolyvár Guesthouse & Restaurant & Wellness

Inárcs is to the Southwest of Budapest, only 30 km from the airport of the capital (Liszt Ferenc Airport). The Bagolyvár Guesthouse & Restaurant & Wellness (Bagolyvár Étterem & Vendégház & Wellness) is at the edge of Inárcs, close to the M5 highway, yet still in a calm, quiet environment. It is a perfect location for those who wish to breathe fresh and clean air, close to nature, but do not want to travel a lot to gaze at the wonder of the buildings of Budapest, watch its spectacles, enjoy its colorful programs, exhibitions, be active participants in its events or festivals.
The guesthouse has comfortable rooms to which extra beds can be added, are well equipped, have bathrooms and double or twin beds, television and Wi-Fi.
The restaurant of the guesthouse won the award of the Hungarian Gastronomical Association, the Tablet of Patrons, several times over, which guarantees that quality courses get to the plates with a high level of service.
In the wellness unit with tropical atmosphere everything is provided so you can refresh and recreate in body and soul alike. During business hours you can freely use the indoor hot water spa, the outdoor Mediterranean swimming pool with children’s swimming zone, amusement elements (seasonal), Finnish and infrared saunas and the tropical resting space. 
Besides delicious meals and wellness experience the guesthouse takes care of active entertainment as well. You can take long walks near the fish pond with water lilies, water flowers, built in accordance with Feng Shui, and in the park, kids can play in the playground, but you can use sandy football field, padel field and table tennis as well against separate fee. Near the outdoor pool there is a gaming hall with card table, table soccer, darts and billiard table. Furthermore, you can get to know the ponies,  talking parrot of the guesthouse or can have horse carriage rides in the nearby forest.  
Bagolyvár Guesthouse & Restaurant & Wellness has high quality services in all fields for You! Come and have unforgettable experiences!

Inárcs and its region

Inárcs is a quiet, calm town with nice people and wonderful environment. Most of the town is in a forest, so chirping birds, fresh air, rich flora and fauna are an integral part of experiences to be had in Inárcs. It is interesting and exciting in all seasons and the region has several spectacles. Besides Budapest it is worth visiting the towns of  Ócsa, Monor, Felsőlajos, Kakucs, Kecskemét, Cegléd, Szigetszentmiklós, Ráckeve and Lake Rukkel as well.

The area between Dabas and Inárcs towns has the name Ócsa Regional Park (Ócsai Tájvédelmi Körzet). This protected region is destined to protect the flora and fauna of the region which is rich in deed seated marshlands and swamp forests, the landscape and its values of cultural history. An educational path runs through the regional park walking through which you can view the features of the region up close. 
There are riding stables and wine cellars in Ócsa waiting for You. The line of cellars made up of approximately 200 cellars dug in the ground was declared to be an area being a monument in itself; among the cellars you can find even 300 years old ones.
Monor is the town of horses and wine, there are several riding stables, cellars with wine tasting, wine restaurants in the town. About 960 cellars make up a contiguous cellar village in the Monor Cellar Village (Monori Pincefalu) which is unique not only in Hungary but in Europe as well. There are restaurants in certain cellars where the pleasure of the harmony of heavenly courses and tasty beverages is enhanced with events, concerts. There is also a six hole golf course in the town, in an idyllic environment, far from the noise of the town.
The Magán ZOO, which is a self-sustaining zoo, is at the border of Felsőlajos. Animals live in big, spacious enclosures in the park with an area of 20 hectares. The fresh air and the amazing environment have a good effect on not only the animals but on the visitors as well.
In the settlement of Kakucs the Kakucs Ring was recently opened as a karting course. However, the track is good for bikers, scooter riders, and specific types of cars as well. If you like speed this one deserves to be on the list of places to visit.

is full of life, excellent restaurants, cafés, theatres, churches, museums, exhibitions, gallery (e.g. Fancy Palace/Cifra Palota), other cultural values fill the streets, complete with the abundance of holiday activities. A couple places of interest: Kecskemét Zoo (Kecskeméti Vadaskert), Arboretum (Arborétum), Hungarian Museum of Photography (Fotómúzeum; collection of international contemporary and historical photographs, negatives, machines, object, documents), Planetarium (Planetárium), Zwack  Palinka Manufactory (Zwack Unicum Pálinkamanufaktúra), Bowling Center, Benkó Zoltán Leisure Center (Benkó Zoltán Szabadidőközpont; Lake bath, fishing, wakeboard, kayak, canoe, dragon boat, outdoor sports venues), Karting Stadium (Gokart Stadion), Ferkó Tanya Horse Yard (Ferkó Tanya Lovas Udvar), Kisfái Carriage Driving and Horse Center (Kisfái Fogathajtó és Lovasközpont).  In the winter an ice rink is set up in the Main square (Főtér) each year to enhance the program selection of the town.
The town is famous for its thermal water in which you can swim in the Kecskemét Bath (Kecskeméti Fürdő). The bath is made up of spa, thermal and beach, swimming pool wellness world and healthcare units. Among others the thermal water is suitable for joint and spinal diseases, muscle pains, alleviating chronic gynecological and nerve inflammations, post treatment of accidents, injuries, orthopedic surgeries.  In the indoor part of the bath which is open all year round there is a whirlpool bath with a jumping rock, cave pool with a floating hallway, thermal pool, hot tub,  Caribbean resting terrace with a cocktail bar and panorama pool, children’s and baby pools. In the outdoor part there are children’s pools and spas, slide park and thermal pool, and a 50 m long racing pool, a 25 m long pool and a training pool in the swimming pool. The sauna world has Finnish saunas, infra sauna, steam cabin, aroma cabin, Himalayan salt room and tepidarium. From time to time sauna séances and evening swimming parties can be enjoyed by the guests.

The Lake Rukkel Waterpark (Rukkel-tó Waterpark) can be an excellent destination in the summer heat, there is a vast lake in the area of the beach with a sandy shore. You can get to the water on long and exciting slides but you can also try wakeboard, blob, jumping tower, and also pedalo, boat and kayak can be rented here. There are playgrounds and catering units under the trees that provide cool shadow and you can do sports on the beach football and beach volleyball courses.

If you would like to swim but the weather is not right for outdoor beach fun, or if there is cold winter, do not give up. You can visit the Cegléd Thermal Bath, Spa and Aquapark (Ceglédi Gyógyfürdő, Szabadidőközpont és Aquapark ) in Cegléd, the Oasis Wellness Park (Oázis Wellness Park)  in Szigetszentmiklós and AquaLand Thermal Spa and Aquapark (Aqualand Termál- és Élményfürdő) in Ráckeve, indoor spas open all year round, with thermal water, hot tubs, children’s pools, saunas, steam cabins, massage treatments, and many other wellness and healthcare services.


Budapest is the 9th most populated city of the European Union, divided by the river Danube into two parts, Buda and Pest.  The islands of the river within the administrative borders of the city are Csepel island, Margit island, Óbudai island and Szentendrei island. The capital is the 3rd most popular travel destination in the Eastern-Central European region, approximately 3.2 million foreign visitors arrived here in 2015. It is hard to list how many sights, monuments, wonderful buildings and establishments, entertainment and recreation opportunities it has, so we will only mention a couple of them. 
The Parliament, which is among the most beautiful parliament buildings in the world, is in the city center of Budapest.  The building is a priceless historical treasure, the pride of the Hungarian nation, the home of legislation and the place where the Holy Crown is kept. Visitors can visit the building with the help of guided tours.  It is directly on the bank of the river Danube, almost directly across it on the Buda side is the Buda Castle (Budai Vár) and the Fisherman’s Bastion (Halászbástya), to which you can get using the Széchenyi Chain Bridge (Lánchíd) the fastest.  The Chain Bridge (Lánchíd) is the symbol of the capital, the oldest and most well known bridge over the Danube to connect Buda and Pest. The Buda Castle District (Budai Várnegyed) is made up of three main parts, the Budavár Palace, Square Szent György, and the historic residential quarter. You can get to the Budavár Palace (Budavári Palota) using a special shuttle (sikló), which is a defining element of the Danube bank vista and provides a really special experience.  Its lower station is at the Buda bridgehead of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, near the Danube bank mouth of the Alagút, and the upper one is between the Budavár Palace and the Sándor-palace (Sándor-palota).  The Hungarian National Gallery (Magyar Nemzeti Galéria), the National Széchenyi Library (Országos Széchenyi Könyvtár) and the Budapest Historical Museum (Budapesti Történeti Múzeum) were established in the Gothic style royal palace, near it the Matthias Church (Mátyás-templom) and the Fisherman’s Bastion rise above, from where we can watch the amazing Budapest.
Going further on the Buda side, to the South you can see the 235m high Gellért Hill (Gellért-hegy) with the Citadel (Citadella) and the Statue of Liberty (Szabadság-szobor) on its top. The panorama is fantastic in the night and during the day alike, it is simply indescribable. If you would like to connect feasting your eyes on the vista before you with teasing your taste buds, then the Citadella Panoráma Restaurant or the Búsuló Juhász Restaurant is the perfect choice.  
We have good news for those who love heights, the János Hill (János-hegy), which is also in the area of Budapest, is 527m above sea level, and the Elizabeth Lookout Tower (Erzsébet kilátó) is on its top. You can get to the overlook with the help of chairlift, child train, but you can get there with a half an hour walk from the Normafa as well. The chairlift is an elevator with a funicular (suspension railway), travelling with which from the capital the panorama keeps renewing itself. The children’s train is a traffic spectacle on which children are on duty and go from the Széchenyi-mountain to Hűvösvölgy. Such spectacles are along its tracks like the Bátori cave (Bátori-barlang), the Budakeszi Wildlife Park (Budakeszi Vadaspark), or the Csillebérc Adventure Park (Csillebérci Kalandpálya). Normafa is a popular hiking and skiing destination, part of the Buda Environmental Protection Region.  The clearing offers a free view of the city and the inner Buda mountain range.
There are several monuments, museums, churches and squares in Budapest worth visiting if you wish to learn about the history of the city and of the Hungarian nation. Besides the Hungarian National Gallery, the Budapest Historical Museum and the Matthias Church which were mentioned above the Basilica of Szent István (Szent István Bazilika), the Hungarian National Museum (Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum), the Museum of Applied Arts (Iparművészeti Múzeum), the Museum of Transportation (Közlekedési Múzeum), the Hungarian Railway History Park (Magyar Vasúttörténeti Park), the House of Terror (Terror Háza), the Gresham Palace (Gresham-palota) or the Dohány street synagogue (Dohány utcai zsinagóga) can be good choices.  
The Városliget is home to, among others, the Hungarian Museum of Folklore (Magyar Néprajzi Múzeum) built next to the Heroes’s Square (Hősök tere), the Vajdahunyad Castle (Vajdahunyad vára), the Hungarian Museum of Agriculture (Magyar Mezőgazdasági Múzeum), the Városliget boating lake, the Széchenyi Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool (Széchenyi Gyógyfürdő és Uszoda), the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden (Fővárosi Állat- és Növénykert) and the Capital Circus of Budapest (Fővárosi Nagycirkusz). The Városliget is connected to the inner city by Andrássy street. Andrássy street (Andrássy út) is a boulevard more than 2 km long, the Millennium Underground Railway goes under it, and on its two sides such spectacles can be found like the Hungarian State Opera (Magyar Állami Operaház), the Operetta Theatre (Operettszínház), the House of Terror (Terror Háza), the Miniversum or Liszt Ferenc square, Jókai square, and the “Pest Broadway” (Nagymező street) as part of the popular theatre and entertainment quarter (theatres, restaurants, entertainment venues).  Miniversum is a gigantic model table of 300 square meters in constant movement, rich in detail, on which the landscape of Hungary, Austria and Germany come alive in 1:87 reduction size.  You can see the spectacles of several towns on the table, and you can see the everyday life of the locals as well: around the buildings, in the parks, at the lakes, and in the mountains swimming people, couples walking together, old ladies walking dogs, fishermen, boatmen, farmers, construction workers, wounded people, policemen, firemen, young kids skating in half-pipes can be seen, basically everything you can imagine in a town or around it.
If you like the world of plants and animals then, besides visiting the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden it is worth to pay a visit to the indoors Tropicarium as well, where thousands of land and water animals can be seen up close. The thematic rooms provide an overall image of the wildlife of the rainforests, the oceans and Hungary as well. 
If you wish to be closer to nature, go out to the Népliget, to the Margit island, the Óbudai island or have a trip to the Szentendrei island. The Margit island or Margaret island (Margitsziget) is one of the most popular place, not only for tourists but for Budapest residents as well. Among others huge parks, clearings, music fountains, restaurants, cafés, entertainment venues, hotels, outdoors theatre, baths  (Palatinus Beach, Hajós Alfréd Swimmingpool) can be found on the island.  The island can be jogged around on a constructed running course, but you can ride a bicycle, walk, do outdoors sports or simply lie in the grass. No cars can enter the island so the air is perfectly clear, Margit island is a paradise in all aspects in the middle of the bustling city.
Budapest is also rich in thermal and beach baths, among its thermal baths (open all year round) are the Dagály, the Dandár, the Gellért, the Király, the Lukács, the Rudas, the Paskál and the Széchenyi thermal bath, and among its beach baths are (seasonally open) the Csillaghegyi, the Palatinus, the Pünkösdfürdői and the Római beach bath. 
See more: http://www.spasbudapest.com/
The Aquaworld Aquapark is the largest indoors water and slide paradise of Hungary with a special, exotic ambience, open all year round for visitors with a sauna park and massage treatments. The Római-part is a legendary destination for those who like to spend their time at the waterside, would eat hekk, lángos or hamburger, would have an ice cream, a beer or would like to do sports like running, cycling, kayaking. The beach is filled with life day and night, offering several entertainment and recreation opportunities for visitors.  
The almost a 100 Budapest theatres, or the Hungarian State Opera (Magyar Állami Operaház), the Academy of music (Zeneakadémia), the Palace of Arts (Művészetek Palotája), the Palace of Wonders (Csodák Palotája), the Invisible Exhibition (Láthatatlan Kiállítás) and the Margaret Island Open-air Stage (Margitsziget Szabadtéri Színpad) which is open in the summer offer intellectual refreshment. 
It is characteristic of Budapest that if it is about gastronomy, shopping, festivals, concerts, ruin pubs, or other entertainment options (English language escape games, shooting, spelunking, adventure courses) then the inventory of the city seems endless. Long line of excellent restaurants awaits you with delicious meals with indoors rooms and open terraces, for example in Ráday street, Liszt Ferenc square, Gozsdu Courtyard (Gozsdu udvar). For shopping the best choice is Westend City Center, the Árkád, the Allee or the Aréna Pláza, but you can find several malls in the inner city and the famous Váci street (Váci utca) and Vörösmarty square must also be mentioned. The bustling city does not go silent even at night, the inner city offers an abundance of ruin pubs, restaurants, cafés, discos, and other entertainment venues (like bowling, billiard, darts, table soccer, movie, dance nights, shows). Deák square and the Gozsdu yard can be considered the center of nightlife (the party district) but when it comes to concerts, Budapest Park wins (seasonally). The festivals are also colorful, like the city itself, starting from the gastronomical, beer, wine, pálinka, light and classical music events up to the Sziget Festival, known and liked worldwide.  
See more: http://visitbudapest.travel/budapest-events/
Traveling within the city is very simple so if you arrive by car feel free to leave your vehicle in a P+R parking lot and travel in the day by bus, trolley, subway, underground, city tour buses, tour boats, ships or even rented bicycles, and you can get almost anywhere in the night with the night traffic that departs often..
See more: http://www.bkk.hu/en/main-page/news/
Bustling city, vibrant life, thousands of amazing spectacles, colorful crowds, happy and nice people, joyful moments, perfect entertainment, pleasurable resting, cozy baths, delicious meals, tasty wines and pálinka… The amazing Budapest is waiting for you!

(Kakucs Ring): 4 km

Újhartyán (riding stables): 8 km
Ócsa (riding stables, wine cellars): 11 km
Monor (Monor Cellar Village): 29 km
BUDAPEST /Liszt Ferenc Airport/: 32 km
Szigetszentmiklós (Oasis Wellness Park): 34 km
Lake Rukkel Waterpark: 34 km
Lajosmizse (Farm Museum, Mizse Horse Farm, Koli Fishing Lake): 37 km
Ráckeve (AquaLand Thermal Spa and Aquapark): 39 km
Cegléd (Thermal Bath, Spa and Aquapark): 49 km
Felsőlajos (Magán ZOO): 51 km
Kerekegyháza (Kerekerdő Challenge Land): 53 km
Kecskemét (Kecskemét Bath, Zwack Palinka Manufactory, Hungarian Museum of Photography, Planetarium): 53 km
Lake Velence /Velencefürdő/: 76 km
Lake Balaton /Siófok/: 133 km
Lake Tisza /Abádszalók/: 140 km
Bratislava: 233 km
Oradea: 236 km
Vienna: 274 km
Timisoara: 281 km
Kosice: 284 km
Zagreb: 372 km